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New Hampshire race tracks dog tracks horse tracks off track bettingRockingham Park is nothing like it used to be. Once, a premier race track, the current Rockingham Park now offers poker and other card game. Ask us about Rockingham Park or share your Rockingham Park reviews and comments.

Rockingham Park

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Rockingham Park

Rockingham Park originally opened in 1906. Rockingham – which is also known as “The Rock” is New England’s First Race Track. When Rockingham opened betting on horses was illegal in New Hampshire. After police closed the track down to horse racing, Rockingham lent itself to fairs and expositions, a layover site for military in the first world war, and a automobile racing track.

In 1933, Rockingham was renovated and reopened. With its scenic placement and high quality of racing, Rockingham quickly became known on a national level. Immortal thoroughbred horses, such as Seabiscuit, Discovery, and Brass Monkey were three of the more notable racers campaigned at “the Rock”.

Rockingham contributed to the well-being of the state of New Hampshire. Tax dollars paid from the track were immeasurable, and uncountable New Hampshire residents were employed at the track.

1980 marked a sad event for Rockingham when a fire destroyed the grandstand and severely damaged the clubhouse. Through new management, the Rock was opened yet again in 1984 with a state-of-the-art clubhouse. A turf course was installed in 1986 and after full-card interstate simulcast was allowed in 1991, a sporting club and family pavilion were added.

Rockingham now offers simulcast racing from around the country, bingo and poker. Casino action games now available at Rockingham include; Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Boston 5 and Let it Ride. It is a far cry for it’s heyday as a major entertainment venue.

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Rockingham Park

Rockingham Park Boulevard
Salem, NH 03079
Ph: 603-898-2311

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