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Deciding the college attend is an important decision you must make at some point in your life. If you’re at this point in your life and are considering a college in New Hampshire, you need all the information you can get. This decision isn’t one that you take uninformed. Thankfully, New Hampshire has several good colleges where you’re sure to get a quality education.

Most of the universities and colleges in New Hampshire are situated in the southern part of the state, with more population and bigger cities like Concord (the state capital), Manchester, and Nashua. Higher Institutions in New Hampshire offering four years degree courses include midsize universities and smaller arts colleges. As a student in any of these universities, you can seek essay help from the best thesis writing service online. You could even need them to help with your admission essay. But first, you need to gain admission into one of the universities in this region. This article discusses some of the best colleges in New Hampshire where you can seek admission.Dartmouth College Students Hanover NH

1. Dartmouth College
This private institution is one of the best in the region and was established in 1769. It enrolls 4,170 undergraduates (as of fall 2020) with a rural setting and a campus size of 237 acres. It uses the quarter-based academic calendar.

Dartmouth College offers many student activities, with almost one-quarter of the students participating in the Dartmouth NCAA Division I varsity sports. It provides campus housing for more than 90% of the student population, including residence halls, sorority and fraternity houses, undergraduate societies and college-approved coeds.

2. University of New Hampshire
This public higher institution is located in Durham city, near the coastline, and was founded in 1886. It enrolled a total of 11,747 undergraduate students as of fall 2020. It has a suburban setting with a campus size of 2,600 acres and uses a semester-based calendar. Students of this university are required to pay an in-state tuition fee of $18,962, while the out-of-state tuition fee is $37,202.

The university offers over 100 majors that students can choose from, including the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, and law and education fields. As a student of UNH, you will be subjected to several essays, but you also have the opportunity to hire superior essay writers to help you if writing isn’t your forte.

As an undergraduate freshman in this institution, you can meet with your classmates and have fun before you start receiving lectures. This is part of the school’s Pre-Orientation Adventure for Wildcats (PAWs) program for freshers. This allows first-year students to experience outdoor camping and learn from the leaders of their upper-level students.

3. Saint Anselm College
This private institution was founded in 1889 and enrolled just 2,043 undergraduate students (as of fall 2019). It has a suburban setting with a campus size of about 400 acres. It has a tuition fee of around $43,140, and the academic calendar is run on a semester basis.

4. New Hampshire at Manchester
This public institution is located in Manchester, New Hampshire. It is considered a small above-average institution and enrolls only about 600 undergraduate students. This university has an acceptance rate of 85%, so it is worth considering. Some of the popular majors are communications, biology, and mechanical engineering. Most of this institution’s alumni get a salary of around $42,000 after graduating.

5. Plymouth State University
This public institution was founded in 1871 and enrolled 3,739 undergraduate students (as of fall 2020). It also has a rural setting with 170 acres of campus size and uses a semester-based calendar. The in-state tuition fee for this university is $14,492while the out-of-state tuition fee is $24,432.

6. New England College
This is a small private institution founded in 1946. It has a rural setting with a campus size of 225 acres and enrolled 1776 undergraduate students (as of fall 2020). The academic calendar differs and is based on your program. The tuition fee is $39,648.

The liberal arts college focuses on outdoor activities and offers degree programs in environmental leadership. There’s also an adventure-bound club coordinating trips for rock climbing, white water rafting, etc. Students also get to learn some basic wilderness survival skills.

7. Colby-Sawyer College
This private institution was founded in 1837 and enrolled 876 undergraduate students (as of fall 2020). It has a rural setting and a campus size of 200 acres. It also uses the semester-based calendar, and the tuition is $46,254.

8. Keene State College
This is a public institution founded in 1909. It enrolled a total of 3,099 students (as of fall 2020). It has a city setting and a campus size of 150 acres. It uses a semester-based calendar. The tuition fee is $14,638 for in-state students, and out-of-state tuition is $24,994.

Choosing the college to attend is one of the big decisions you must make. So, you must be well-informed. If you’re considering a university in New Hampshire, these are some of the best colleges to attend.

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